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Senior PHP developer / Technical project manager position open in Digital Marketing Agency
Postitaja: NitroFX 2008-10-21 13:56:12
Senior PHP developer / Technical project manager

We are looking for Full time Senior PHP developer / Technical project manager to join our team in Tallinn.

You are motivated team player who has ability to take care of your and the teams tasks with care. You are keen on keeping up the deadlines. You know or are willing to learn the open source solutions we use (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc. )

You will act as team leader for our still small (You + one) but hopefully growing technical team, and follow the progress of all technical projects in organization, also participating in practical tasks (coding, technical design, documentaion and testing).
You will determine what technical platforms to use in different projects, and plan work of technical developers. You are willing to develop, and learn new things, and documentation of solutions created is routine for you. You will be working together with Account managers, designers and developers to produce the best possible end result to client. This position might require travelling around Baltic states and in Finland.

We are expecting knowledge of following techniques / programming languages:

- CSS, selectors, pseudoclasses
- Javascript
- PHP5
o You know the following terms :
interface, constructor, polymorphism, static method, and you understand the difference of private/public/protected variables.
o You know what are Design Patterns

- You know what normalization and indexing of database means, and you can use MySQL-database
- You have experience on SVN / other version control solutions.

We also would like You to have Project management and communication skills.

Knowledge of following is counted as asset:

- Other databases than MySQL
- Zend Framework
- Symfony Framework
- AmfPHP
- Other Programming languages
- Flash knowledge (AS2 and 3)
- Knowledge of Unix-based systems

Working language in Nitro Fx O is English.

Please send CV and short application (in English) with monthly salary request to following address:

More information by phone (in English) : +372 555 88723

Nitro FX O

Nitro is Finnish based Digital marketing agency who has been operating in Estonia since 2008. In Nitro group there is over 100 digital marketing professionals working in different positions in 3 countries.

Nitro Fx Estonia delivers internet / digital marketing solutions to its clients. Our services cover design and productions from banners and campaign sites to intranets / online stores and everything between.
Nitros development relies on open-source products and frameworks, based on PHP and MySQL.

Viimati muudetud: 21-10-2008 13:57:52
Muutja: NitroFX

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